Information Management

The maintenance and daily monitoring of information management is essential in every organization.  Corporate Services ensures that information on all levels are communicated, dispersed and filed on a daily basis as the Information Management Officer is the prime source for all information incoming and outgoing of MSGC. All central files and file indexes (both electronic and hard copy) are maintained and updated on an ongoing basis.

All F.O.I.P. (Freedom of Information Privacy Act) requests come through Corporate Services and are processed in accordance to applicable legislation. The Information Officer also provides advice to all pertinent parties.


This department is responsible for maintaining and updating the current and all future legislation passed by the MSGC Assembly.  Once a policy has received Ministerial approval it is sent to the Alberta Gazette and then submitted to the Queen’s Printer. All legislation binders are then updated.

Information Technology (IT) 

Corporate Services handles the various IT needs for MSGC.  Aside from updating and maintaining the MSGC Website, all technological issues pertaining to computer hardware, software, licensing and server maintenance is handled through the Corporate Services department.