The Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) is the political and administrative body for the collective interests of the Metis Settlements. The MSGC is a pro-active government that helps develop, implement, and distribute programs and services to the eight Alberta settlements.

The MSGC has legislation law-making authority over membership, hunting, fishing, trapping, timber and other matters relating to land. The Metis Settlements General Council may enact laws (General Council policies) that are binding on the General Council and every Settlement. These laws (General Council Policies) are equal in status to other provincial laws.

It also has an administrative body which includes Strategic Training Initiatives (education & training), and Programs and Services Development.

MSGC also owns three companies: MSGC Oil and Gas, Settlement Investment Corporation, and Settlement Sooniyaw Corporation.

The MSGC also manages collective funds such as the the Future Fund, within consolidated funds, part one and part two accounts. For more about the Settlements, visit the Communities page.